Asians flock to NYC as restaurants open, restaurants close

New York City’s first Asian cafe will be open for business in about a month, as restaurants close.

Cafe Zupas will open in mid-October at an undisclosed location.

Its founder, Ching Hai Yang, hopes to attract visitors from the Middle East and Africa, as well as the United States.

Caffe Zupasa is the first of a series of Asian cafes to open in New York over the next year.

The owners, who have been in the industry for about three years, want to build on the success of their first location, in Manhattan’s Chinatown.

They’re working with several different chefs, who will oversee the kitchen.

Zupasa will be the first cafe in the city to serve only Japanese cuisine, but Yang says the focus will be on traditional Indian fare.

Coffee and tea will be served at the cafe.

Yang says he hopes to open a cafe in Singapore and plans to open another in New Zealand later this year.

He hopes to expand to other Asian cities soon.

Cafes across the country are seeing an influx of Chinese visitors.

Restaurants are closing or reducing hours and hours of service.

But Asian cafes are taking advantage of the rush.

Many restaurants are opening hours for Chinese visitors, but they’re only allowed to serve breakfast and lunch for now.

Celeste Wu, a spokesperson for the Chinatown Business Association, says there’s an influx in Chinese visitors each day.

Chinese restaurants are also catering to a growing market of Chinese customers.

The cafe is part of a growing trend in Asian food and drink, which Wu says is driven by a surge in demand from Chinese Americans.

Wu says restaurants are serving more and more Chinese food, while offering Japanese and Indian fare, and the Asian market is growing at a faster pace than the American market.

She says Asian food is becoming more popular and more mainstream in the U.S., as well.