How to make bluebonnet aubergine (gluten-free) at Cafe Carmela

Cafe Carmelas is one of the few restaurants in Brasil that does not use dairy products.

They have gluten-free versions of their famous bluebonnets (or redbonnets) and it’s quite popular.

But for those with a gluten intolerance, there’s a gluten-containing restaurant that is offering gluten-friendly versions of its famous blue-and-white dishes. 

The cafe in São Paulo, Brazil, does not require dairy products to be used.

Sonia Ribeiro is a member of the cafe’s staff.

“There is nothing to worry about with the gluten-fiber products.

I’m not a certified health food expert but I know the difference,” she told ABC News.

When I visited the cafe in Brasilia, the chef was very accommodating and explained that the restaurant uses only non-dairy milks to create its gluten-fed bluebonets.

I asked about the possibility of substituting soy sauce or coconut milk for the milk and the chef said that he does not know if there’s any difference between them.

I also asked the chef if he could use the bluebonet soup that he makes with soy sauce, but he said he does know the differences between them, but that it’s all a matter of personal preference.

I’ve made bluebonettes with soy milk and I’ve had a very good experience, he said.

The Bluebonet Soup at Cafe Baramela, Brazil The restaurant’s gluten-dense bluebonette soup is the perfect way to start your day, Ribeire said.

It’s the perfect dish for a special occasion, such as a birthday, Valentine’s Day or wedding, and it comes with rice, peas, carrots, cucumbers, carrots and other vegetables for the soup.

“The soup is really filling and it makes a really nice addition to the plate,” Ribeir said.

I’ve made it with tofu and tofu broth, but I also use chicken stock, he added.

Ribeira has a long history with bluebonettas and has served the soup to celebrities, including actress Liza Minnelli, former NBA star David Robinson and actor and comedian David Byrne.

He said that a friend of his used to make the soup every Sunday at the cafe.

While he didn’t personally know that blueboneting was a possible food allergy, he did know that there was a problem with some soy products that may cause it. 

I started to understand the situation and now I do my best to make sure my friends have it too.

He said he makes his soup with soy broth and that it has been very popular.

But Ribeiri is not the only gluten-intolerant person in the cafe staff.

Ribeaire said that one of his customers told him that his food is gluten-sensitive, which he said was not surprising because the restaurant’s restaurant chef has gluten intolerance.

It’s a little difficult to tell whether someone is gluten intolerant or not, he noted.

I ask if they have a history with soy products, and if they’ve been eating it or not.

The chef said he has no idea.

His restaurant has been the recipient of numerous media coverage.

It has been featured on various Brazilian news sites and in the media, including Esquire Brasil, The Guardian and The New York Times.

ABC News has reached out to Cafe Carmalas for comment.

You can learn more about gluten-inclusive dining at Cafe Ribeires website.