A photo of a photo of the last remaining person to walk in and out of the Magnolia Cafe

It is said to be the only remaining person who was ever inside the cafe when it closed its doors. 

It is the last time anyone can remember the doors closing. 

But the cafe, which closed on January 1, 2019, was one of the nicest places you could go in the town of Magnolia. 

You could sit and read books or go for a drink in the courtyard. 

The cafe was the place for local musicians to record and record again and everyone in town loved it.

It was the home of a local boy band, which was a big hit with local kids. 

In 2009, after a string of murders, Magnolia became a crime hot spot.

There were so many unsolved cases, detectives in the area were trying to solve the murder of a teenager and the kidnapping of a young girl.

When that case came to light, local police, with help from the FBI, took the investigation to a new level and started working with local business owners, to see if they could help solve the murders.

The story that emerged is the Magnola cafe and cafe lurcat was a prime target of the investigators. 

After a number of years of investigation, the murder investigation in the city of Magnola is still going on. 

However, the crime was finally solved, and police said it was a case of someone who wanted to commit a crime and was motivated by a lack of money.

In a statement released by the Magnolias city council, Mayor Johnathan Riggs said, The Magnolia Community is grateful for the assistance from the Magnols Police Department and the FBI to assist us in this investigation.

 The crime is not solved, however, and we thank our community for their continued support. 

“Magnolia is an amazing community, but unfortunately the crime has been solved. 

A special thank you to the police officers and the community who worked tirelessly to bring justice to this case.” 

The murder of the girl was unsolved for more than a decade, until a tip led investigators to the crime scene. 

According to the statement, Police are still looking for a suspect in this case and are working closely with the Magnoles County Sheriff’s Office, who assisted with the investigation and has been on the case since January. 

What we do know is that on January 3, 2018, someone broke into the Magnolias Magnolia cafe and killed the last person to work there, the last employee, and the owner. 

There was a lot of activity at the cafe before that, but the owner’s family told News24 they never noticed anything unusual going on there, and that they are relieved to finally be rid of the killer. 

Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Mark Larkin at 910-246-1788 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).