How to get a sabrinasa cafe in Israel

You can’t order sabrinases in Israel, and you can’t eat them.

But there are other options.

Cafe appliances from Mels Kitchen cafe.

Photo by Zvi Golan.

For a cafe that opened its doors in the heart of Tel Aviv, Mels kitchen has become a go-to spot for Israeli cuisine.

Mels Kitchen opened its Tel Aviv cafe in 2010, and has since expanded into more than 70 locations.

Its menu has grown to include dishes from around the world.

The restaurant’s staff has become well-known for their Italian dishes, as well as Israeli favorites.

But the most popular dish at Mels is the sabrinata, a small pasta dish that comes with a sauce made from chickpeas, onions, garlic and pepper.

“We love the sabrina.

It’s an incredibly unique dish,” Mels co-owner Tzvi Ben-Dov said.

Ben-Dav said the dish’s origins go back a long way.

In the late 1980s, he and his wife were living in New York City.

When the family returned home, they started a cafe, where Ben-Deav decided to serve dishes that were “a little different from what we were used to.”

“So we thought, we can do this.

We can make our own sauce and use chickpea flour, so we can make the sabrine a little different,” Ben-Der said.

That’s how the sabina came to be.

The sauce is made with chickpeah flour, which is also known as flax flour, but is made from cornstarch.

The ingredients for the sauce are then separated and baked into a dough.

According to Ben-der, it’s a process that takes about an hour and costs about $2.50.

It’s a little expensive for a small dish like the sabrino, but it’s worth it because the dish is a bit different.

“The sabrinara is a traditional dish that we made from scratch,” Ben Dov said, adding that he would not hesitate to add a few extra ingredients if his customers request it.

Since the restaurant opened, MELS has grown from being a cafe to a full-service restaurant.

The sabrina has also become a hit among Israeli teenagers, who flock to the restaurant for meals and snacks.

A young man stands on the counter of Mels Cafe appliances.

Photo from Zvi Ben Dav.

There are many more restaurants around the country that offer sabrinassas, and Mels has opened new ones every year. 

The restaurant has also opened an online store, where you can order sabrines online.

Like most cafes, MELS offers a few dishes that are served with an optional sauce, but the menu is full of other options too. 

A small pasta made with lentils.

Photo courtesy of MELSKOBIA.

One of the dishes in the Mels menu.

Photo via MELSSANNA.

Another plate of pasta with lentil soup.

Photo source MELKENA.