What’s the deal with the christian-themed cafe at christian casino?

The Christian-themed Christian Cafe is now open at the christians casino in Miami.

The cafe is called Christian Casino and it’s a “christian themed cafe” according to its Facebook page.

The store, which is located at the corner of Dixie Highway and Miami Beach Boulevard, features artwork by the Miami artist David H. Schmitt, who created a “Christian-inspired cafe” for the casino in 2011.

H.J. Schmitz is a Miami artist and he was known for creating artworks on the beach.

According to his Facebook page, his work includes a painting of Jesus walking on the sea, a mural of a woman and a painting depicting a man and his child.

The shop also sells “mockumentary” films and other educational products.

A man named David HJ Schmit, who works as a digital artist, created the artwork at the Christians casino and it will be featured on the Christian Cafe store.

“It is my goal to continue to inspire people with my artwork and I hope to create some more as time goes on,” Schmit said in a Facebook post.

Schletz was featured on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, as well as the popular ABC series Dancing With the Stars.

He also created a mural on the sidewalk outside the Christian Casino store in 2011 called “Walt Disney,” according to his Instagram account.

HJ. and his wife, Laura, were born in Los Angeles and raised in Miami Beach.

Hj. has two daughters and a son, according to a Facebook page for the store.

He said the cafe is open to all who are “wishing to experience this great art form.”

The store’s Facebook page states that the shop is located inside the “Christian Casino and offers everything from a buffet to a wine and dessert menu.”

The shop is currently open daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., with a menu featuring “the freshest and most popular Christian-inspired dishes.”

There is no word on whether the store is open on weekends.

It is not clear how long the shop will be open.