When we are not busy enjoying our cinema cafe, we can enjoy the sunset

Crop circle in Crop Circle Cafe is one of many in the area.

Here, it’s a popular spot for people to enjoy the beautiful sunsets in the surrounding area.

The spot is just one of several that are popular among locals and visitors alike.

Crop Circle cafe was built in 2008 by locals and tourists.

It’s located in a residential area in the city of Dibrugarh.

It has a bar area, a lounge area, kitchen, and a cinema.

It serves up the usual dishes like roti, chapatis, and rice and rice with chutney.

In this photo, the menu is clearly visible.

The menu is also available at the cafe.

Crop Circles cafe was one of the few restaurants that was open during the monsoon and the cyclone.

It’s a favourite spot among locals as it has good food and a nice atmosphere.

The cafe has two indoor movie screens and a mini cinema that’s available on weekends.

The bar area is used for watching movies.

The cafe offers a variety of snacks such as banana patties, coconut curry, curries, rice pudding, and sweets.

Crowds are also gathering in the cafes to take photos.

One of the customers asked us if we were taking photos at the time of the cyclones.

He said that we were.

The cyclone in the country has made the area more crowded as the cyclonic storms can take several hours to clear, but now, there is a lot of people gathered to take pictures.