Which cafe has the best burgers?

There’s a reason why the burgers are all about the meat.

The Australian-made Pita Grill has been dubbed the best burger in the country, thanks to the quality of its ingredients.

But for the record, the burger is made from the same Angus beef that’s used in the iconic Wagyu burger, as well as other Australian products like the New Zealand beef and beef from the United States.

In a world where burgers are made with meat that is raised in small-scale dairy farms, the meat is often very expensive and often made in small batches.

The beef from Wagyu farms, for example, costs about $20 per kilo, and most beef from small-to-medium farms costs about 40 cents a kilo.

But the Australian Pita is far cheaper, making up about one-fifth of the beef sold in the burger business.

It’s also grown in Australia, which has an abundant supply of fresh grassland, which is what makes the burger stand out.

“It’s got the most beautiful grassland in the world, it’s the ideal location to grow this grassland that’s been planted for this particular product,” Dr John Kinsman, the owner of the Pita, told ABC News Breakfast.

It’s also a natural habitat for the endangered Australian white bass, which are also grown here.

Pita Grill co-owner and chef John Kincaid has been making burgers for more than a decade.

Photo: Mark Kolbe/ABC News