Why are buffalo-themed cafe openings so popular in California?

There are some big things going on at Buffalo-themed cafes in California, from the new ones to the more traditional ones. 

Buffalo-themed eateries, as they’re called, have become a hit with locals in the past few years. 

Coffee lovers and coffee drinkers are looking for an option that offers a new way to savor coffee with friends, and the newest and most popular ones are being hailed as a new hot spot in the state.

“The Buffalo-inspired cafes have definitely helped to revitalize our community,” said Joe Lueckner, who works as a bartender at Sunnysides Cafe in Sacramento, California. 

Lueckners co-owner and co-founder, Jake Luecks, says the cafe has become a popular destination for coffee drinkers. 

“We’ve had a lot of coffee drinkers in the community who are coming here for their coffee, and they’re just going to come here and enjoy our food,” Luecking said. 

The newest of the cafes, Buffalo Café, opened its doors in December of 2016. 

Now in its third year, the restaurant has expanded its menu, serving up breakfast and lunch.

“We wanted to open this place in a different style, and it really worked,” Luesck said.

Luecks says he’s noticed a shift in the coffee drinkers who frequent the restaurant, especially those who have become regulars after moving from a local coffee shop. 

This past winter, the cafe added an espresso bar, as well as a full bar, and a barette to the kitchen. 

When the restaurant is open, patrons can also get their coffee and a cappuccino, and if they order at the counter, they get their free cup. 

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