How to buy a Thai meal at a local Thai cafe

A former Thai-American who went on the run for more than a year is finally back in Thailand.

The man, who goes by the name ‘Kamala’ says he is in a Thai restaurant in Bangkok called the Bangkok Cafe and wants to open up his business to tourists.

“We need a name,” Kamala told Fox News.

“This restaurant is my favorite place in Bangkok.

They serve a lot of Thai food, so I feel like it is my home.

It is like a temple.

It gives you the peace.”

Kamal is one of the many Thai-Americans who have fled their home countries to escape persecution.

He said he has had some of the most amazing moments since he left the U.S. in 2000, including going to Japan and meeting a couple who gave him their wedding rings.

He says his wife was taken by a mob when he returned home and that he didn’t know where to go.

“I never got to meet the family.

It was horrible.

I didn’t want to go back to Thailand because they didn’t give me any money.

I don’t want the government to take my money because I don’ t want to get involved in politics,” he said.

Kamlal says he still gets phone calls from Thai Americans in Thailand, but he wants to make sure they are getting their money’s worth.

“When they call, they don’t talk about the government, they talk about how they feel,” he explained.

“It was hard to go there, but now I’m happy and I have more time to spend with my family.

My wife and children are okay.

I am going to continue my business.

The people who live in the city have become good to me.”

The Bangkok cafe opened its doors to tourists last year.

It’s a popular place for foreigners, who can take in the beautiful sights of Bangkok.

Kaminas mother also runs a cafe in Bangkok and says it has become a safe haven for foreigners in Thailand after the crackdowns on foreigners.

“A lot of them came because of the Thai government crackdowns.

They wanted to get away, and they could get out of jail or just to get a job.

They came here, but there were many more coming in because of our restaurant,” she said.