How to cook and eat natural ingredients at a natural cafe

Natural cafes have been popping up all over the world, but a new trend in South Africa is taking advantage of that natural heritage.

The South African Natural Cafe Society (SANS) is hosting a week-long series of events and classes to teach people how to eat and cook at home, in the open air and in natural surroundings.

The SANS website says it is a “unique opportunity to help educate and train the next generation of natural cafe chefs.”

The classes, which begin on Sept. 22, are open to all ages.

They include a “natural” food tasting, cooking demonstrations and lectures.

Students will learn how to use home-made cooking techniques, how to make food from scratch and how to cook at an outdoor setting.

“The concept of natural cafes is to bring together people from all over South Africa to come together and learn about the local culture,” SANS spokesperson Ria Tse said.

“We want people to feel welcome and comfortable.”

For students interested in cooking at home for the first time, the SANS offers a cooking course, where they can learn the basics of home cooking and how it’s done.

The course also includes a demonstration on how to create a traditional South African style salad, a traditional dinner meal and a traditional meal for two.

The courses also offer a tutorial on how people cook at a local café.

For students wanting to start cooking, the school offers a “recipe book” and a cookbook of recipes that students can print out.

Students can also bring their own food and prepare it.

The school also offers cooking classes, and workshops for those interested in learning how to set up a natural kitchen.

In addition to learning how, the course provides students with tips on preparing and cooking natural foods.

For more information on the Sans Natural Cafe series, visit the website.