How to Eat Your Own Food in 7 Leaves Cafe

Cajun food is a staple of most American households, but you might not be aware that there are even more ways to enjoy it.

If you haven’t been to a cajuna before, here’s a quick rundown of the different ways you can enjoy the food at 7 Leaves Café.


The Curry Cocktail: You might be thinking that a casserole dish made from fried fish, tomatoes, avocado, and cilantro is the best way to go for lunch.

But if you’re craving a little something more flavorful, try the Curry Cocktails.

These casseroles use rice to soak up the flavor of the fish and veggies.

And while the flavors of the ingredients are usually similar, you’ll get a bit of each flavor in the Curry Chicken Curry Cajuna Sauce.


The Chicken Curry: This recipe from Cajonita Cafe features chicken, rice, carrots, and spinach.

But while most cajonitas are made with chicken, you can use anything from shrimp, pork, and shrimp, to even chicken breasts.

And if you want to get creative, add in some mushrooms or green onions.


The Shrimp and Vegetables Curry: These cajonais feature shrimp and vegetables on top of a fried rice.

You can either choose to make a salad with the shrimp, or use a combination of vegetables.

But the shrimp are the highlight of the dish.


The Vegetable Salad: If you’re in a hurry, you might want to try this salad.

This recipe calls for chopped tomatoes, cilantro, green onions, cucumber, avocado and cheddar cheese.


The Potato Salad: This cajónita dish is filled with mashed potatoes and carrots.

If that sounds too fancy, you could also add a few cucumbers, green onion, and a bit more cheese.


The Cajónitas Ceviche: If the chicken curry is your thing, then you could try this recipe.

This Ceviches are a spicy, spicy version of a ceviche.

The tomatoes and cotija cheese add a touch of sweetness.


The Seafood Cevadillo: This dish combines a combination prawns, tuna, shrimp, avocado on top, and some spicy green onions and cajas frescas.

You’ll want to add some salt and pepper to balance out the flavors.


The Tuna Cevita: Another dish from Cancun Cancafe is this tuna cevita.

This dish uses a combination tuna and shrimp.

This is one of the dishes that you’ll want in your lunchbox.


The Black Bean Cevitas: You can make a simple cevitan with black beans and onions.

If the black beans are very good, you may want to take the dish a little more seriously.

But, if you love spicy foods, you should definitely try this dish.


The Grilled Cevitos: These grilled cevitas are also a great way to enjoy a nice, flavorful meal.

The grilled onions add a nice kick to the dish, while the green peppers add a little crunch.


The Salsa de Boca: If all else fails, try these salsa de boca.

This salsa uses onions and garlic and adds a nice spice to the meal.


The Beef & Mushroom Cevitan: This beef & mushroom cevitas is a great appetizer or snack, and this dish uses the onions, garlic, and bell peppers.


The Fried Chicken & Vegetable Cevite: If there’s a dish that you really like, try this fried chicken & vegetables cevite.

The chicken is marinated in a spicy sauce and topped with avocado.


The Mexican Beef & Vegetables Cevito: You may have noticed that this dish is more of a stew, but it’s still a good dish.

The beef is marinating in a sauce with bell peppers, onions, and tomatoes.


The Green Beans & Potato Salad with Avocado: If your craving more meat, try one of these salads with green beans and potatoes.

These salads have a great combination of greens and meat.


The Roasted Vegetable & Onion Salad: When it comes to meaty dishes, this avocado salad is a favorite.

This salad features a mix of greens, avocado with a few roasted vegetables.


The Meaty Biscuit: This meaty biscuit has meat, bacon, and lots of cheese on top.


The Bacon & Tomato Cevitza: The bacon & tomato cevitzas are a simple recipe with bacon, tomatoes and avocado.

The bacon adds a bit crunch and the tomatoes adds a slightly salty kick.


The Spicy Spicy Cevital: If grilled chicken, beef, or even beef jerky is your favorite way to eat