How to get a vegan Bagel Street Cafe in Seattle

The first place to get the vegan bagel is on a street cafe island in Seattle.

The next place to grab a bagel in Seattle is at a vegan restaurant called Yumm.

The vegan-friendly restaurant Yumm offers bagels with a vegan crust, as well as vegan cheese and vegan milk.

The vegan crust is a special crust made by using a vegan butter, butter cheese and water.

The vegan cheese is vegan-free and made with almond milk.

 The vegan milk is made with lactose-free milk, and is available in vegan versions.

The owner of Yumm, Lisa Brown, said she made the vegan crust because she was inspired by the vegan-favorite bakery, Bagel & Co., on Seattle’s waterfront.

The restaurant opened in 2013 and has been a popular hangout for the vegan community.

“It’s a small space that’s a great place to meet up, eat a lot of vegan food, and enjoy a lot more,” Brown said.

She added that the vegan menu at Yumm is vegan, but there is no meat in the bagel or the vegan milk, which is made from lactose.

Yumm also has a vegan dessert menu, including vegan chocolate chips, vegan banana peels, and vegan peanut butter.

Brown also said the vegan cream cheese is made of lactose free milk.

Yumm has locations throughout the country.

While Yumm may have a vegan menu, the vegan baked goods are not.

Bagel & Coles also offers vegan bagels.

It is not clear how much the bagels cost, but a spokesperson said they are $4.99 for a medium, $4,49 for a large and $8.99 or $9.99 if you choose vegan cheese.

You can also order a vegan vegan muffin or muffin with a baked potato or baked corn muffin.

At Yumm’s location, customers can choose between a vegan and vegan cheese on the vegan bread.

The bakery’s bread is vegan.

As for the bageling, the company said that all of the bagles are made with vegan butter.

They also offer a vegan-based recipe for vegan chocolate chip bagels, which are $3.99.