New restaurant to open in Madras cafe

Madras, India: A new cafe in the heart of the city’s Madras neighbourhood will be opening soon, and will feature a mix of locals and foreigners, with local food to cater to the needs of both.

Starwood Cafe, in the area of the Mango Cafe, will serve lunch, dinner and a brunch, with the cafe’s owner, a local, revealing details of the menu at the start of the month.

It will be a place for the community to gather and share their love of food and drink, he said, adding that the cafe will also feature live music and other activities.

“I will be the first one to admit that I am not the most well-known person in the neighbourhood, but it’s because of my passion for the food and hospitality industry,” the owner said.

The cafe is slated to open for lunch on June 26.

The location of the cafe has not been announced.

The owner said that he has been working on the project for the last six months.

He said he plans to expand the cafe to cater for both locals and visitors.

“We are trying to offer the best of Indian food, but also to cater towards the foreigner.

The idea is that everyone should feel welcome and have a good time at Starwood Cafe,” he said.

According to a report by the Starwood Business Times, Starwood Coffee, one of the coffee bars in the city, is looking to expand its business in the market in order to cater more to foreigners.

The report also said that Starwood’s coffee house is located near the Madras Cricket Stadium, which is the largest venue in the country.