Pokémon Go’s first month has been nothing short of a roller coaster

Lucky Cat Cafe is the newest addition to the Pokémon Go game, and it’s looking to change the way players approach their catch.

The game’s first 24 hours have been filled with many challenges, with many people attempting to capture as many Pokémon as possible, but the team has decided to focus on a unique experience for those who have never played Pokémon before.

Lucky Cat cafe will feature a special lounge area that will allow users to take turns playing Pokémon Go and be rewarded with special prizes like a new Pikachu, the first one to be caught in the game.

The cafe will be open to all players at the beginning of the month, and users will need to make a deposit to access the lounge.

Lucky cat cafe will open on September 28, and will feature two new Pokémon in the lounge, as well as a Pokéstop, Pokédex, and a special gift shop.

The cafe will also be the first Lucky Cat to feature an exclusive Pokémon game mode called Lucky Cat Rumble, in which players can compete against each other to capture Pokémon as much as possible in a series of challenges.

In the video below, you can see the new Lucky Cat lounge and the special lounge.

If you’re interested in seeing the Lucky Cat Café in action, check out our video below.