When you think of Chennai, you think cafe racer, motorcycle cafe and delivery bike, says Tamil film director

Chennai has a vibrant nightlife, a vibrant culture and a vibrant cinema scene, but the film director’s dream has always been to make a movie about a cafe racer.

In an exclusive interview with NDTV, actor and writer Kavita Krishnan has revealed the journey that led her to the Tamil Nadu film industry and the obstacles that have stopped her from getting her dream.

Her journey began in 2009 when she got a call from Chennai cinema head Mr A P Vadakkar.

She was a director and wanted to make an Indian film about cafe racers.

She took up the role and in 2012, the film was released on the Tamil Film Corporation.

A year later, she was given the challenge to make her own film and, as the production company was in debt, the budget went down.

After she got the film made, the director, A K Devadasak, was impressed with her.

She asked him to send the film to Tamil Nadu Film Corporation (TMC) and he sent it to her in 2016.

The story was very simple.

A young woman called Satyana, who was a taxi driver, is trying to make it to the film festival.

But the road to the festival is difficult.

She takes a taxi with her boyfriend.

The cab is taken by a stranger, who starts talking to Satyanas friends, who are not happy with her behaviour.

Satyans friends then call the police and Satyas friends are detained.

The cops take Satyani and her boyfriend to the police station, where they were booked under Section 376 of the Indian Penal Code for causing public nuisance.

The case went through the courts, and a few years later, the case was transferred to a different court in Kannur where the case came up for hearing.

Satiyas family had a fight with the court and the case ended up being transferred to another court in Nagpur.

The film was moved to Nagpur court and Satiyanas family was ordered to pay a fine of Rs 10 lakh.

The police then moved the court against Satyannas parents.

The parents were given a few weeks to pay the fine.

In March 2017, Satyanna had her son, Dhanan, arrested.

Dhan was sentenced to three months in prison for causing inconvenience to Satyanas friends.

Satyaan was arrested again in March 2017.

Satyan was sentenced again and Satyaannas son, Suresh, was also given a suspended jail term.

Satyaan and her son were released after the court ordered them to pay bail and Satyan’s lawyer told NDTV that the court had not made a decision on bail.

Satyannath’s lawyer, Rishabh Bajaj, said that the case is yet to be decided by the court.

The judge has yet to issue the bail order.

NDTV contacted the district collector and the chief minister of Kannada state, M. Jayalalithaa, for their response.

Bajaj said the case has been transferred to Kannadigas court, where the court will take a decision by March 30.

He added that the bail issue is not being discussed at this stage.

The court has to give a final verdict by March 31.

NDtv has contacted all the other parties involved in the case.

A few days after Satyanny was arrested, she got an SMS from the film-maker, requesting her to contact the director of the film.

She had booked a taxi from the airport, and Sat Yannas mother took Satyanka to the airport and dropped her off there.

Sat Yana was then picked up by the driver.

Her parents were not at home.

The driver called the police.

Police officers went to Sat Yannas home and told her father that she was in police custody.

They took her to a hospital where she was treated.

On the way, the police stopped Sat Yanny at a traffic light and took her home.

Sat, who has been in the hospital since then, has been shifted to a psychiatric hospital.

A week after she was released, the same driver approached the film studio to book a taxi for Satyan.

The producer told him that Satyanta was staying at her mother’s house.

The same driver then told Sat Yanyan that she had been arrested.

Satannath was arrested and her mother was also arrested.

She and her parents are currently being detained in Nagaland police station.

ND TV has reached out to the Nagalanders office of the State Police, who have not responded to our queries.

ND Television has contacted the Kannadanagar Police station in Nagur and the State police said they would respond as soon as possible.