Which of the hottest restaurant hot wings cafes in Brisbane will you visit?

The hot wings are the quintessential Australian food, and while it’s easy to get a burger, fries or some other takeaway at one of these eateries, it’s much more of a challenge to get your hands on a hot wing at a decent quality.

There’s a good reason for this: the Australian Hot Wing Association (AHA) says there are “almost 700 hot wings shops” in Australia.

The AHA, which works to promote hot wings in Australia, has been calling on all the hot wing cafes in Australia to be certified hot wing food, in order to help promote the hot wings industry in Australia and around the world.

The AHA has also put a number of hot wings establishments in Queensland, including The Blue Sky Cafe and Annies Cafe, in the sights of its members, but many have resisted the call to get certified.

“The AHF has been working hard for years to get hot wings certified, and we’ve got the certification right now, so it’s a big step for the industry,” said AHA chief executive Chris Burden.

“A lot of people don’t know that there are over 700 hot wing restaurants in Australia.”

The AHF is the Australian Food Standards Agency (AFSA), which is responsible for the certification of hot wing foods.

AHA says there have been over 800 hot wing certified in Australia since 2010.

The agency says over the past decade, the number of certified hot wings has grown from only three to more than 200, with more and more hot wing shops offering hot wings for takeaway.

Hot wings are typically made from raw meat, and are traditionally served hot in an iced glass container.

The hot wing is typically fried or baked and served with the meat or vegetables.

A hot wing cafe is generally an outdoor venue, where diners sit at tables with large glass containers of hot food.

A hot wing typically costs between $10-$20.

According to the AHA’s website, there are almost 700 hot wings cafes in the world, including restaurants like The Blue Space, Annies, The Red Sea Cafe and The Red Sky Cafe.

It’s not just the hot-wing industry that is being threatened by the certification.

According to a report by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), the number and quality of hot-wings-certified food is dropping across the board, with some hot wing places being forced to close due to poor quality.

ACCC found that food suppliers are making products with lower quality and are under pressure from suppliers and consumers to improve their food safety standards.

The ACCC says the food is “low-quality, poorly cooked, or lacking in essential ingredients”.

According the report, many food quality problems have been linked to poor ingredients such as water, fat, salt and yeast.

Many of these ingredients are found in the hot sauces that are used to prepare the hot wafers.

Food safety is also under threat, with food and drink packaging containing unsafe chemicals, such as bisphenol-A (BPA), that are commonly found in foods.

Last year, the ABC reported on a study by the ABC which found that over a third of hot waffles sold in Australia contained BPA.

In 2015, the Australian government launched an investigation into the food and beverage industry, and the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries launched a new food safety policy.

While the new policy may sound positive, it hasn’t done much to help food safety, with BHP Billiton already admitting it will no longer supply Australian hot wings to Australia due to the lack of certification.

There are a number more hot wings restaurants in Queensland and overseas that are also not certifying.

The most popular hot wing spots in Brisbane are at The Red and The Blue Sun.

Other hot wing establishments in Brisbane include The Green Bay and The Sunshine, and Annys Cafe in Bendigo.