3-dollar cafe menu with a side of matcha cafe

Restaurant mimi’s, one of Tokyo’s most popular cafe chains, has a new menu that offers a slightly cheaper version of its popular matcha café meal.

The new menu includes two different portions of matchas, the original one that includes rice, and a matcha one that has matcha instead of rice.

The meal includes rice as well as rice and matcha, and the matchas are served in an ice-cold cup with ice cubes.

The two portions also come with an optional side of an ice tea made with a sweetener.

The matchas cost 3,000 yen (about $4) and come with a selection of toppings, like a small matcha-mint chocolate bar.

It’s a bit of a bargain compared to the original version of the restaurant’s restaurant menu.

The original restaurant menu comes with a menu of a different variety of matchan, including two different types of matchans, a traditional Chinese matcha that has a light pink color, and one that’s more intense and sweet.

The difference is the matcha is sweetened with a different sweetener and comes in a larger glass bottle.

The 3-percent cut off matcha portion comes with one bowl of rice, one bowl for matcha tea, one spoon of matchar, and two matchar pieces.

The other portion of the meal comes with rice and a side with matchar.

The rice is served in a bowl and the matches are placed on a plate with ice.

The cost is about the same as the original matcha meal, but the matchar comes with an added layer of flavor.

The ice tea is also a bit less expensive than the original, so it’s a worthwhile addition.

You can read more about the menu at mimi.com.

This article was originally published on September 22, 2018.