Cafe in the old west, norma’s,is back to life

A former coffee shop in the Old West Cafe is making its comeback with an old-school vibe.

Norma’s Cafe is a coffee shop with a little more than just a coffee table.

It is open six days a week, and serves coffee, tea, sandwiches and desserts.

Owner and co-owner John Babbitt said it’s time for his coffee shop to be in the news.

He told CNNMoney that the coffee shop is “still one of the best coffee spots in town.”

He said it was difficult for him to sell his store in 2016 when he was forced to close because of bad weather.

“It was hard for me to sell it,” Babbett said.

“I had to put up a billboard, and then it was over.”

Now, he’s getting the chance to reopen the old spot with a new coffee shop.

He is working with the owners of a coffee store in the same neighborhood to open a cafe and coffee shop there.

“I think it’s a really good idea to do that, so I think that’s something that we can do,” Bammett said, referring to the idea of opening a coffee bar and coffee store.

Normas Cafe has been in the family for generations, according to owner Babbott.

It opened in 1955 in the former Norma’s Cafeteria building on W. 4th Street in the heart of the Old City.

It’s been closed since 2016 when a fire gutted the restaurant.

Normas Cafe owner Bammitt said he would like to reopen it, but it’s “time for a little time to let things sink in.”

In a statement, Norma said it has received an offer from a potential buyer to reopen.

Norma has been closed for nearly a year, but owner Babinett said he’s still open.

“This is my dream shop,” he said.

“We are open 24/7 for a couple of days, but the restaurant is still open.”

Normas owner Bambett said the location is a great fit for the restaurant and cafe.