FourFourThree: FourFour and FourFour Two: Portage Bay Cafe

4FourTwo is a brand new show from FourFourtwo and is set to premiere on Sunday nights on Netflix.

FourFour’s own Mark and Tim will be behind the camera, with Matt Ross and Jessica Simpson returning as the show’s creators.

The four episodes will be divided into three parts, each consisting of two episodes.

The first part, which is titled “FourFour”, will see the show exploring the intersection of social media and the art of storytelling, featuring a look at how the two intersect.

The second part, titled “A Place to Start”, will look at the art form of online photography and how the format can help and hinder our collective storytelling, whilst the third part, entitled “The End”, will delve into the origins of the show and its new title Four Four Two.

The fourth episode, entitled FourFour, will be released on November 18.

Watch the trailer for FourFourHere are some of the highlights of FourFour:Two’s new episode: