Italian cafe with a “cultural history” closes after three decades

A former Italian restaurant has closed after three and a half decades in business in New York City.

The iconic cafe, known as the Italian Cafe, was located in the Lower East Side and featured a colorful collection of pastries, pastries and breads, including some of the city’s best-known creations like mozzarella sticks.

The cafe also housed the Italian Restaurant Society, which opened its first restaurant in 1924.

The last time the restaurant was open was in 1978, when the club, which was known for its signature pizza, closed.

The club’s former president, Giovanni Di Marzo, said in a statement that the club would be moving its headquarters to Brooklyn.

The restaurant’s owner, Anthony D’Aubuisson, who has operated the restaurant for 30 years, said that the closure was due to a lack of customers.

D’Abuisson said he will be closing the restaurant at the end of April.

He did not say when the restaurant will reopen.

The owners of the Italian Café, a former Italian cafe in the lower east side, have said they are “shocked and saddened” to see the club closing.

The Italian Café is part of the larger Italian Bistro chain, which includes three other Italian restaurants in Manhattan, including the Italian Bocce Club, located at 880 West 46th Street.

The three other locations are in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District.