Longhorn Cafe is opening a new location in Houston

Longhorns are returning to Houston in 2018.

The restaurant is opening its third Houston location in the area in the coming weeks.

Longhorns, a new Austin, Texas-based franchisee, announced on Monday that it will be opening a Houston location.

Lorain-based Lorain-Lambert, which has locations in Houston, Austin and Dallas, has announced it will begin serving the Lone Star State.

Loretta Gagnon, Lorain’s chief executive, said in a statement that “this move brings our Lone Star state to life.”

Loraine’s restaurant, located at 616 North Lamar Street, will serve food and drink, with wine and beer available.

Gagnon said in the statement that the new location will be open from July 11 to July 18.LORAIN’S PRIVATE DINERHOUSE FOR BODIES