NFL players return to Cali to celebrate the return of footballs


— — NFL players returned to California this week after a nine-week hiatus after a brief hiatus.

The players will return to the state Tuesday to play at the Orange Bowl, the team said.

A few days after the game, the players will go back to work in preparation for their next scheduled practice.

Calipari is in the midst of the NFL’s annual preseason camp, which is expected to start in just three days.

His coaching staff is preparing for its third week of preseason practices.

He and his players were back to their homes Sunday to watch a team scrimmage from a hotel ballroom in a sunny San Francisco suburb.

Cali will be home for the first time since a Feb. 15 riot at the Coliseum that left 12 dead and hundreds injured.

They have been preparing for a tough stretch of games against a team that had lost five of its previous six games.

The Raiders, who are playing at home against the Giants, were on the road, visiting the Saints and Seahawks and visiting the Chiefs.