The Colonial Cafe: A Place to Eat, Listen, and Talk

The Colonial Café is a new cafe on the waterfront in downtown Melbourne, Australia.

The cafe serves a range of cuisine and coffee including a vegan option, a vegetarian option, and an avocado vegan option.

The owner, Mark Paine, told Eater that he is passionate about veganism and the cafe is a great way to learn more about the issues around the health effects of eating meat.

“I have a really strong belief that meat is harmful,” Paine said.

“My first thoughts when I think of meat is I am going to die, and I would never want to have that happen.

But the second thought is, ‘OK, well maybe it is.’

But it’s not that way.

I just like that it’s there.”

Paine also said he has no problem with vegetarians or vegans, as long as they don’t consume meat.

He said the cafe serves vegan meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

He also has a vegan breakfast menu available.

Paine told Eater he wants to raise awareness about the health issues around meat consumption.

“This is about a lot of people, but also about me,” Pene said.

He explained that he wanted to create a space where people can talk about these issues, and where they can learn more.

“The cafe is open to the public, and we’re all vegan, but there’s still a lot to learn,” he said.