‘The Walking Dead’: The Busy Bee Café: A New Look at the Series Premiere

A new look at the new season of The Walking Dead is coming soon to AMC.

AMC will premiere a new teaser trailer on the series premiere of The Busys new episode on Sunday, March 17, at 10 p.m.


The trailer shows a glimpse of the Busys first big episode, “The Road,” and it will air in its entirety on AMC this Sunday.

“The Busy Busy,” as the trailer is called, will be the first episode of the season to air exclusively on AMC and will also feature new scenes from the season premiere and “The Trail,” according to AMC’s press release.

The series premiere will be preceded by a special edition of the “Walking Dead” podcast, “Talking Dead,” which will air this Sunday at 11 p.n.


The Walking DEAD Season 5 premieres Sunday, May 3, at 9 p.p.m ET/ PT on AMC, followed by an extended marathon of “The Walking Game” on May 11.