A new breed of café bernardos: A New Breed of Italian Cuisine

A new Italian cafe is opening in Beverly Hills, California, with a café vibe, a relaxed atmosphere and a fresh new take on Italian food.

The restaurant, the Italian-American Cafe, was founded by Beverly Hills-based chef-owner Christopher D’Agostino, who is also the owner of The Italian Cupertino, a Brooklyn restaurant with a distinctly Italian flavor.

“Italian food is very specific to Brooklyn,” said D’Abostino.

“You can’t really get Italian food in Los Angeles.

We want to bring it to a new generation of Italian-Americans.”

D’Angelo, a native of Rome, has been a chef and restaurateur in New York City for a decade and is a co-owner of The Black Sheep, a New York-based restaurant and bar.

“I grew up in New Orleans, and I had a great love for Italian food,” said the 30-year-old D’Alto alum.

“So I thought this would be a perfect place to bring that to Brooklyn.

It’s going to be a place that is family-friendly, has a relaxed, casual vibe, and it’s going.

It won’t have the kind of Italian flair of a restaurant like this.

I want people to feel like they’re at a restaurant where they’re not in a hurry, and not at a cafe where you’re in a rush.”

Della Bella, an Italian-style bistro, opened in Brooklyn in January.

The menu features items such as risotto, salami, and ricotta cheese, which are made in Italy.

There are three- and four-course options that range from appetizers to entrees.

“It’s like a traditional Italian restaurant,” said restaurant owner Cristina Della Bianco.

“The focus is on freshness.

There’s no fussing around the kitchen.

We’re using only organic ingredients.

We don’t use fancy ingredients, which is why it’s a unique Italian experience.”

Dalla Bella is open from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday through Friday.

It will have a full kitchen and outdoor patio.

It is the second Italian cafe Della Bianco has opened.

She also owns the Italian restaurant in Brooklyn’s trendy Gowanus neighborhood.

“We’re trying to create a place where you can have a great meal without having to worry about a lot of the other stuff that you have to worry with,” said DiAngelo.

“Our goal is to bring an Italian twist to New York.”

A New York native, Della Beriosa opened a bistrot in Brooklyn with a full-service menu and a wine bar.

She hopes to open a full restaurant and wine bar in Beverly Heights by the end of the year.

“Beverly Hills is so different from New York,” said Berioso.

“In New York you’re on the Lower East Side, you’re close to the beach, and there’s this whole lifestyle that people live.

In Beverly Hills there’s just a lot more diversity, so it’s exciting to bring a little bit of that experience here.

We’ll just start out with a small menu and then hopefully we’ll expand.”

Beriosas wine menu includes more than 50 wines from Italian regions including Bologna, Turin, Torino, Burgundy, and Pinot Noir.

Della Bergiosa, who has lived in Brooklyn since 2013, is hoping to open her own restaurant and wineries by the middle of 2018.

She has a passion for Italian cooking and wants to bring some Italian flair to the area.

“There’s a great vibe, there’s a very Italian vibe here,” said her son, Gianni Bergiosas.

“They’ve always had Italian cuisine.

They’re a very young and vibrant neighborhood and I think it’s great that they’ve been able to bring their culture and their style of food.”

The Italian-America Cafe will be a joint venture between Della Bravo and Della Borges.

Dalla Bergioss restaurant will be open every day of the week and is scheduled to open by the summer of 2018, according to Della Bohanes.

The cafe will serve the same menu of Italian cuisine, with more items, including risotto and salami and ricotto, but Berioses wine menu will include more items like salads and entrees such as appetizers, soups, and desserts.

The Italian restaurant will also have wine bars, wine tastings, and more, said Della Bellinis manager, Giovanni Bermina.

The owners hope to open the restaurant in time for Christmas.

D’Alessandro, a former professional tennis player and two-time Olympic gold medalist, said the opening of the Italian cafe will make him feel like he’s playing in Italy for the first time.

“This is a very unique opportunity for me,” said Alessandro.

“A lot of people say it