Beachcomber Cafe in Panama City opens to guests

Panama City, Panama — Beachcombers Cafe in the seaside city of Panamanian capital, Panama City , is the latest in a growing list of restaurant openings that are bringing more people into the city’s thriving coffee industry.

The cafe’s opening Thursday is part of a larger effort by Beachcombing to expand its clientele, which now stands at about 6,000 people, according to the owner.

“We are very happy that we can open a cafe in Panama, a country with a lot of people, and we are looking forward to seeing how it goes,” said Beachcombered owner, Carlos Carneiro.

Bella’s Cafe opened last year in a smaller space in Panaman’s downtown.

Its opening comes as the city is still grappling with a lack of retail outlets, and in the midst of an economic crisis that has seen many businesses shuttered.

In a city of some 60 million people, it’s the fourth-largest coffee market in the world.

It also is the home of the world’s largest coffee bean market.

Bella has opened two coffee shops in Panama: one in Panama City’s trendy Old Town, and one in a more upscale area near the airport.