Crossroads cafe chain opens its doors in Auckland

Crossroads Cafe is the first cafe chain to open in Auckland.

The Auckland-based cafe chain, which opened its doors earlier this month, has opened its cafe menu and coffee shop in its first location in Auckland’s south shore.

The Crossroads Café menu is a blend of local and international ingredients including coffee, fruit, vegetables, salads, and snacks.

Customers can choose from three different coffees: the Café Deux, a hybrid blend of coffee and tea, or the Café Royale, a traditional blend of espresso and cappuccino.

The cafe also has a café bar, an espresso machine, and a range of bottled beverages including local craft beers.

The menu includes dishes like the Tropical Café (beef with coconut milk and mangoes) and the Classic Cafe (smoked lamb with pineapple sauce).

“The focus of the cafe is on the food, so we really want people to come in and try our coffee and enjoy a good breakfast or lunch,” cafe manager Paul Taylor said.

“We want to make sure they have a good experience and then they will be back again.

We want them to come back and enjoy the food and drink.”

The cafe has an outdoor seating area, a patio area, and is also equipped with a free Wi-Fi and an electric coffee maker.

The café has three locations across Auckland, with more to come.