How to make a tropical cafe menu in a few minutes

It’s the perfect way to have some fun and get in the mood for some great food.

You can even try out some of our favorite tropical recipes!

This week’s tropics recipes are all vegan, gluten-free, and Paleo-friendly, and they’re perfect for you to try out for the first time!

Chloe and I love our tropics.

They are so rich and delicious!

I love this china cupcake recipe, it’s a great addition to any tropical feast!

Here’s our recipe for coconut-laced mango chia pudding.

It’s a perfect recipe for tropical cocktails!

This coconut-sugar-and-grapesauce-andnutella coconut-peanut butter banana bread recipe is so delicious! 

These chia coconut cupcakes are a great dessert for the tropics!

 They’re so decadent and rich!

They’re also gluten- and nut-free and paleo-friendly!

The chia-mango pudding is super easy and tastes so good!

These mango chiffon cupcakes have a sweet, tropical flavor!

We love these chia cupcakes, they’re very easy to make!

These chia banana bread recipes are gluten-and nut- and paleolive-free!

If you love tropical cocktails, these banana bread-and–vegan banana-mushroom-dusted coconut cocktails are perfect for tropical nights!