Sunflower Cafe is coming to Memphis

Sunflower cafe is coming soon to the city’s southside, the city of Memphis said Wednesday.

The company is working on opening a cafe in the area, called the Sunflower, which will have a focus on vegan and gluten-free cuisine.

It will be located on Northwood Street in the Memphis Arts District.

Sunflower is a new venture from Memphis-based restaurateur and chef James Krawczyk.

Krawciks wife, the chef Angela, is the founder of The Kitchen in the Arts District and co-founded the restaurant in New Orleans.

The Sunflower will offer vegan, gluten- free and healthy meals.

Sunflower CEO John Gavros said the cafe is a “home away from home.”

Sunflower will be open from noon to 9 p.m. daily.